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The story begins 24 years ago when Daisy and Edward founded the company in 1996 with their passion for leisure furniture, till now Topmax has more than 120 employees working in the office and 500 workers in factories. Our headquarter is in Guangzhou city, close to Hongkong, and we also set up production bases and offices in Ningbo and Xiamen in year 2004 and later in Qingdao and Hebei to help expand the business and control quality. Years of hardworks and endeavors has enabled us to gain great experience in indoor and outdoor furniture business from designing, manufacturing to selling and promoting. By the joint efforts of all staffs, we have achieved more than USD 95 million turnover in year 2019, through the years we have also earned high reputation among customers worldwide.

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Full-ranged Products:

We have altogether 12 different product lines from outdoor furniture to outdoor décor, indoor furniture to household items etc., our beautiful 12000m2 showrooms(2 buildings) are open all year around, and you are always welcome to visit. Being more flexible with product consolidation also gives customer more choices, so it's easy to shop all you need in just one company.

Sensational Designs:

Our designer team, acted with great dynamic, have done very well in bringing the fashion and function together, and new developments have been very successful. From year 2009 till now, we have owned more than 120 patent products registered in China and Europe, and still more are coming. Besides, we are always ready to design and develop based on specific customer's requirements.

Superior Quality:

We believe quality is the ultimate assurance to customer's satisfaction. Started from the designing stage, our QA arranges throughout QA in our own lab to make sure quality is passing standards. We also cooperate with world acknowledged laboratories to control the quality in all aspects. From year 2013 till now, we have obtained safety certifications for more than 300 products. With the actual productions, our QC team with high integrity check the mass production 100%, and we will not ship out without our QC’s approval.

Dominant Productivity:

To ensure timely delivery and good quality, we are keen to invest in factories that we represent in order to strengthen their equipment and facilities. Now each different product line has at least two fully-developed and specialized factories that only supply to us, among which we own three factories. Together with our partners, we control the costs, quality and delivery to the utmost.

Main market and customer:

Our products are well received around the world, especially 70% business is for European markets, 15% for South American, to name a few: France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Holland, UK in Europe and Chile, Argentina Brazil in South American are the leading markets. Among our customer groups, 50% are wholesaler/importer and 50% are direct retailers. We know our customers, we know their needs and market features, and we are familiar with all the test requirements.

Customer satisfaction:

In order to ensure long-termed business, we put customer satisfaction as our first priority, no matter before, during or after a sale. All of our staffs are well trained and competent to solve all unexpected problems that might arise, and we do our best to stay honest and helpful to our customers. We live in speedy century, therefore we emphasize quality and set internal deadlines for accomplishing tasks timely and efficiently as a standard service. Most of our customers stay loyalty and it is a success of all team member.

Social compliance and High Efficiency:

We are a young company yet with increasing maturity, we emphasis human rights and the needs to protect the environment. Our organization has met the ISO9001:2008 requirement, BSCI factory audit and FSC/COC organization. Over the years we have created our own operating construction, clear-cut divisions with specific responsibilities allows us to work with high efficiency and to handle customer's orders properly and promptly, what's more, it greatly helps control and save all costs from inside out.

Our passion is to bring customers beautiful relaxing experience through our designs. We encourage customers from all around the world to see, to feel, to explore alive our stylish products.

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