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Cost Increase and Delivery Time in April after CNY

by TopmaxNov 17,2020

Recently, the costs keep increasing:


1) Material cost has increased a lot in past two months in China, including glass, fabric/PVC/PU, foam, metal tube, MDF/PB board, carton paper etc.


2) Exchange rate of RMB upon USD is only 6.55 today, the cost increase more than 5% comparing to the exchange rate in early this year.


Furthermore, the delivery time for CNY is full for most of factories and most of the delivery time is in April, 2021 onwards after CNY.


We would appreciate it if you can make the order plan earlier to avoid cost increase. Should you have any order plan for the upcoming season, please contact with your account manager to schedule the production schedule in advance.


Thanks for your kind understanding and have a nice day!

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