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Techniques about steel garden furniture

by TopmaxJun 09,2020

Techniques about steel garden furniture


1st-step cleaning process

After being well welded and polished, all steel products go through different pools for removing oil and rust on metal surface if any, which lasts about 40 minutes for whole process. 


2nd- step rust-off treatment, E-coating - key process for steel products

Topmax’s full range of steel garden products is covered by this anti-rust treatment.

E-coating which called Cataphoresis treatment, lasts about 15 minutes from dipping to dry. Steel are covered by EP liquid completely, with the least possible exposure to oxygen.

It is a key process of rust-free for steel products before coating. Only the very professional manufactory like us has the qualified equipment to do this technology.


You may see we have a full process from degreasing, thermal cleaning, and rust removal, e-coating until drying. We keep a close eye on every step.


3rd - powder coating finish

After above 2 steps are finished and then dried, finally the steel products will be powder coated. Powder coating technology offers our products colorful finish and 2nd protection. All powder is certificated and tested for green, which reaches domestic safety standard. The materials we use is environmental-friendly and non-toxic, and is specially requested for UV-strengthening for outdoor use.



Rust-free guarantee

Usually our steel garden furniture offers 1-year rust-free guarantee for outdoor use, which most customers accept. We may offer 2-year guarantee if necessary, with 5% higher cost.




MOQ for coating

The MOQ is 800pcs per color (table plus chair qty).

Generally we can do any Pantone colors for coating, but due to MOQ request, every year we will mainly suggest a few fashion colors to customers to avoid MOQ problem and production difficulty as well. It takes 5 hours to alter the color in coating line, which related to high producing cost. If the order qty is less than MOQ, price is about 5-8% higher.

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